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I only park here when I go on a trip flying out of SEA airport. Extra Car usually has one of the lowest prices and the shuttles are always available.

I once went with a cheaper place running out of a motel, but ended up going elsewhere because their shuttles only ran hourly.
12/21/2018Daniel Shon
Great place to park.
12/13/2018J. - Seattle
I always use Extra Car Parking when traveling!
09/01/2018Glenn H Talley
The driver to the airport was very friendly, the driver back to the lot was not very friendly or helpful to people who had bags to load.
08/31/2018Elma M Rounds - Graham, WA
Great, attentive staff. Great prices. Most impressed with the availability and speed at such we were picked up when we landed. Called them when we landed at 11:30pm and I think we only had to wait about 8-10 minutes after we got outside. I'll use them again.
08/28/2018Bill Wright
Close to sea-tac, seems very organized. They happen to drive up as I was getting ready to call for my return ride to the lot and the driver called the lot for me so my car was waiting and ready as soon as we got there. A+
07/22/2018C.A. - Marysville, Wa
Always great service, competitive price. I'm a regualr and not one problem ever.
07/09/2018Sandra C. - Gig Harbor, WA
Waited for the shuttle for about 20 minutes when we returned from our trip, but the fact that they had the car waiting for us when got to the lot made up for the wait.
06/23/2018James L W
We have been parking here for years. We have always had a great experience.
06/22/2018STEVE K.
This was my second time using your services. It was the best!! I'm so glad you are here!!!
06/19/2018Caroline B.
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