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Will definitely park here again. Totally stress free.
12/19/2020Suanne Dittmeier
Pricing was very reasonable
12/16/2020William Hodrinsky
The only thing I'd suggest is a bathroom. After driving from Southampton a 66 year old can use a bathroom. They kindly suggested the bathroom nex door. But it wasn't for me.
12/13/2020Alexis D Mayer - Southampton
Thank you everyone for understanding and cooperation. I'll be your customer for long time.
12/13/2020Eugene Vertsberger - Brooklyn
Will use it again.
While this is not the most convenient location to find when coming from Connecticut, it was a good place to park for the week.

My only criticism is that there is really no place to pull in and leave your car comfortably when you arrive, as there is limited space and they are located so close to the busy road. But I will use this facility again.
08/28/2020Kim E Wiggin - Connecticut
Love this place very personal with each customer. Very convenient.
05/20/2020Barbara - Ct
Pleasant experience. Very professional with no worries.
02/22/2020Eric - Westchester, NY
Great rate, good service.
02/13/2020Cevenol - Rockville, MD
I like you guys. Location is very convenient, manager was fun to talk with, online reservation was easy and reliable, driver was a good guy, prompt and knowledgeable. Definitely a good place to park. I'll use your services again and recommend them to others.

A note on location: It was great that, when I knew I was somewhere close to your parking facility but didn't see it yet, I could reach you on the phone and you gave me easy directions for the last half mile or so that I had to drive. Now I know exactly where to get off the Belt Parkway onto South Conduit, make a U-turn under the parkway in order to get onto North Conduit, and pull up at your place in a minute. Easy, even for a rural resident of western Massachusetts who rarely has to deal with expressway traffic.
02/12/2020JOHN STIFLER - Florence, Massachusetts
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