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I have used Vista parking twice in the past 3 months. The 2nd and 3rd rows of seating will hold 6 people, and 1 seatbelt was in working order. They act as if they have not heard this reported. Undoubtedly they are in violation of state laws mandating the use of seat belts. When expressing my upset with the driver, he became irritated and told me it is not his problem, that he does not own the company. The staff at the facility are more courteous, and yet their disavowal of knowledge on this issue does not ring true.

There is no restroom available. You have to use the hotel next door. And lastly, I waited almost 1/2 hr before being picked up on the return, and was told 2 vans had already come, that I must be in the wrong area. Nothing is perfect, but Vista really needs to make some corrections.
11/17/2019John R - NJ
been using vista for years-6/13, 9/12, 2/12, ....... never a single problem- never had to wait- shuttles always clean - workers always friendly
09/04/2019cgm - nj
A good place to park your auto for a few days when flying high. A little tricky to find. The area seems a bit cluttered with industrialism - more direction signs would be nice.
09/01/2019JOHN KOWAL
Great experience. Valet parked and was taken right away to my terminal. Upon return it took just 5 minutes to be picked up. Car was waiting for me. Also, the drivers and valets were very friendly. Would definitely use Vista again.
09/01/2019Walter Winter
The wait time was 40 minutes to be picked up on arrival. There was nobody at the office when the driver dropped us off, finally the attendant got there and couldn't find my key. The attendant did not apologize for the inconvenience.
Prompt, courteous valet service. Shuttle service is convenient and hassle free. Left car for 3 week vacation without incident, waiting for us upon our return.
08/31/2019Ronald C. Brach
I would definitely use Vista parking service again. Great experience. Quick, efficient and courteous.
08/29/2019Maylyn Martinez
Overall fine (surely for the price). Took a bit to get someone to answer the phone, and the driver (both ways) seemed to be annoyed or doing us a big favor.
Great experience. Quick shuttle to the airport, quick pickup with easy instructions on where to wait, and upon arriving at the parking lot, there was my car, right next to the office, ready for a quick checkout!

Will definitely use this facility in the future!
06/22/2019B GRIFFITH - Souderton, PA
I have actually used this facility several times in the past, but never through cheap airport parking. I saved about 35%. GREAT DEAL, will definately share this with friends and family!
05/24/2019Jane G. - Brick, NJ
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