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We weren't aware that we had to call when we got back to the terminal. We called from our cell. Parking van arrived quickly.

When we left, the driver was a bit sarcastic and we didn't need that attitude. I told my husband not to tip him... I think he did. I don't like attitudes in a business that is there to make you come back a second time.
12/19/2020Ann C. - Palm Coast, FL
Great option for longer term parking at JAX airport.
12/08/2020Colin - PV Beach
Keep your price!!! Great JAX parking rate.
12/04/2020Dennis J O. - St. Marys, GA
I will use King parking again. I found everyone to be very helpful.
12/04/2020Pat H. - Orange Springs, FL
Had a great parking experience at King parking at JAX and would use them again.
11/30/2020James S. - Palm Coast, FL
Excellent location...
09/25/2020Reginald - Saint Augustine, FL
The experience was great from the time I dropped my car off to the time I picked it back up. The only thing was, you need your reservation to confirm the amount balance due at the time of pick up, otherwise, you could be charged more. I had my information and there was no problem at all to receive the rate originally quoted.

I would recommend them.
09/08/2020Faith H. - Jacksonville, FL
This is the 3rd time I've used King Parking and every single time I have had the same great experience. It makes flying that much easier! Thanks and keep it up!
07/19/2020Johanna - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
I had never used this facility before, but was very impressed with the service and response. Thanks for a great ending to a great trip.
07/14/2020Gary S.
Very easy and simple. Shuttle was waiting when I pulled in to drop off the car at 4am. Upon pickup I waited about 5 minutes and then my car was at the entrance with the trunk lid open.

Overall good job and exactly does what you expect.
07/13/2020Alexander K. - Brooklyn, NY
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