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Biggest problem, is getting credit for my Marriott points. Was refused at pay booth, and told to call Marriott for credit. Not acceptable.
12/17/2018Elliott Wolfe
This time everything was excellent. Last time was a 3 star visit.
12/16/2018William L Knell
Convenient location, easy to find and close to the airport. Outdoor self parking, we left our car 11 days and found a good deal online. We waited only 10 minutes for the ride to the airport (it was around 5 pm), it was a 5 minutes ride.

On the way back, we waited about 15 minutes only, it was 9 pm and a lot busier.
The check out from the parking facility was easy, the exit to drive back to the 405 South pretty straightforward! Will definitively parked there again.
12/14/2018Dom - San Diego
For many years, I have been using this website for Marriott LAX Parking and will continue to do so. Friendly Marriott staff!
12/14/2018Larry C.
Very minimal wait times on both ends as well as paying the cashier.
12/14/2018Carl Kitani - MV
This is the best parking experience I've had near LAX. Valet took my car, loaded luggage into van and off to the airport.

When I arrived back in LA, van picked us up within 10 min of our arrival at pick-up point. Took about 5 min at the hotel for them to retrieve my car and load it with our luggage. Will use this service again.
12/13/2018Sylvia - Palm Springs
Everyone was very helpful and friendly. This is my parking spot from now on.
12/10/2018Ronald E. Beil - CA
I've parked there many times. It is always a refreshing experience. Fast shuttles to and from the airport. Great service and easy payment.

I would recommend to everyone!
11/17/2018Tim E.
If parking was covered, it'd be the best place of any to park for lax. Only giving 4 stars due to having to park and leave car in an outside lot. Everything else was first rate. And for the price, can't be beat. Wait time on either end was pretty much the same as other shuttles we've taken, about 10 minutes.
11/15/2018Mark L Brown - CA
All good with exception of wait time for shuttle. Waited over 30 minutes. Also, confused as to what shuttle to Marriott from waiting area.
11/14/2018Kathy Travis
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