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No elevator to get out of the parking garage
12/21/2022Earl J Gantz
Biggest problem is getting credit for my Marriott points. Was refused at pay booth and told to call Marriott for credit. Not acceptable.
12/17/2022Elliott Wolfe
This time everything was excellent. Last time was a 3 star visit.
12/16/2022William L Knell
For many years, I have been using this website for Marriott LAX Parking and will continue to do so. Friendly Marriott staff!
12/14/2022Larry C.
Very minimal wait times on both ends as well as paying the cashier.
12/14/2022Carl Kitani - MV
Convenient location, easy to find and close to the airport. Outdoor self parking, we left our car 11 days and found a good deal online. We waited only 10 minutes for the ride to the airport (it was around 5 pm), it was a 5 minutes ride.

On the way back, we waited about 15 minutes only, it was 9 pm and a lot busier.
The check out from the parking facility was easy, the exit to drive back to the 405 South pretty straightforward! Will definitively parked there again.
12/14/2022Dom - San Diego
We waited one hour for pick up on our return. Only one shuttle was available.
12/13/2022Mario A. Kelly - MM
This is the best parking experience I've had near LAX. Valet took my car, loaded luggage into van and off to the airport.

When I arrived back in LA, van picked us up within 10 min of our arrival at pick-up point. Took about 5 min at the hotel for them to retrieve my car and load it with our luggage. Will use this service again.
12/13/2022Sylvia - Palm Springs
Everyone was very helpful and friendly. This is my parking spot from now on.
12/10/2022Ronald E. Beil - CA
I've parked there many times. It is always a refreshing experience. Fast shuttles to and from the airport. Great service and easy payment.

I would recommend to everyone!
11/17/2022Tim E.
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