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Fast and pretty easy. When I arrived, the valet wasn't available, but it wasn't a problem. I parked and sorted it out on my return.
12/27/2021Stephanie A
Shuttle runs every 15 minutes on the dot! Once you leave the hotel's driveway, you are already inside the airport. 4 minutes to the first terminal!
12/20/2021Luis A Gonzalez - Miami Lakes
Fast, convenient and great price!
12/15/2021Edwin Morris
I will use this facility again.
12/13/2021Michele Smith
I normally like or love your facility, however this time I did not get the chance to use the valet, and really made the experience poor. The team you have is great, but self parking sucks there, have to drive to the 3rd level, then walk the length of your building and go down stairs, to catch the van.

It was not clear how to get out of the hotel lot, so I drove up to the gate, but had to park the car to walk to the lobby to get someone to open the gate for me.

I also had to wait over 25 minutes for the van when I arrived.
12/13/2021Craig A Madaus
I've been parking with you guys for a long time. You're starting to outprice me. Please don't get to expensive. They're other places less, but I feel comfortable, being a woman, and sometimes by myself to park with you. Thanks
12/13/2021Robin Bryant - Key Largo, FL
The value was great, customer service was wonderful. Overall experience was 5 stars.
12/08/2021Anthony - West Palm Beach
The staff at the Sheraton is outstanding. My only complaint is that I was supposed get covered parking, but was told that I had to park on the 3rd floor level which is completely exposed. Fortunately the rain held off while I was picking up my car.
The parking is very convenient and close to airport.
11/23/2021Joe B.
The gate to the parking lot where you would get your ticket was non-operational, and we had to wait for an attendant to let us in. Other than that, it is an experience that can be repeated.
11/15/2021Stella Cruz - Bay Harbor Islands, FL
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