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This was a great value and location. I also didn't wait longer than 15 in to catch a shuttle when I arrived!
Makes it so easy and at a great price.
11/05/2019Scott Ary
Drivers are hostile, confrontational and plain unprofessional.

I got in from an international flight around 8:30 p.m. on a Thursday and went outside to see the 405 Airport parking shuttle stopping to drop off passengers in front of Tom Bradley terminal. I jog on over to the van, and after people are getting let out, I climb the stairs to enter the vehicle. The driver screams at me "YOU CANNOT GET ON! YOU CANNOT GET ON!", physically blocking my path of entering the shuttle. I'm freaked out, this 405 Airport Parking driver is literally screaming at me in front of everyone. "YOU HAVE TO GO OVER TO UNDER THE RED SIGN!"

I'm frazzled by this, that first I can't board, and second that the driver is literally screaming at me, and third he's making such a big deal when there's only 4-5 people on his shuttle at that moment. Well, I walk over about 25 feet to under the red sign, and guess what! The shuttle drives off, it doesn't even stop to pick me up, after he literally just told me to go there! And guess what happened again 20 minutes later! Shuttle showed up, didn't even stop at under the red sign! Other travelers were confused and stranded too, afraid to ask the driver where they should go because they were afraid he'd not drive them to their lot out of a weird red sign vendetta. I had to take another car lot's shuttle and then walk 30 minutes back on Century just to get to the lot because this guy wouldn't pick me up.

Most of the airport parking lots at LAX are the same, you park, shuttle takes you, shuttle picks you back up, and then you get your car, with a few "hello/goodbyes" exchanged between you and your shuttle driver. 405 Airport Parking is the sole outlier though, their drivers will make your travel experience needlessly difficult, and you will be left waiting in the hot heat at LAX, frustrated, wondering why you ever game them your money. Don't end your vacation or your trip on a bad note with these guys, avoid at all costs!
07/14/2019Justin S - Los Angeles
We park at 405 parking all the time now. Great prices. Very convenient.
07/08/2019Roslyn J. - Riverside, CA
The 5:15 shuttle to the airport was out of gas, so we had to wait for the next shuttle which didn't leave until 5:40. Almost missed my flight and had to run thru the airport. Not an easy feat for a 60 yo woman!
06/27/2019Elena Ornelas Pelaez
I was a bit skeptical as I was parking at LAX airport, the first time. However, I had a good experience. I needed to wait less than 5 minutes, either way, for the shuttle. The shuttles were prompt or maybe my timing at the airport helped that.

The staff was courteous at the parking and also the driver. The place is not very far from LAX airport and it takes about 10 min to reach the airport terminals. I will be back.
06/23/2019RAVI RANJAN
First time using, easy to find, great parking, shuttle right there coming and going. Will definitely recommend to friends and will definitely use again.
06/23/2019CASSANDRA JONES - San Juan Capistrano
Waited over an hour for a shuttle. Texted at 10:16 PM for Terminal 6. Called at 10:45 PM. A shuttle arrived at 10:55 but was full. Next shuttle drove right past. Called again at 11:05 and they said they'd send someone. Called again at 11:21 PM and shuttle arrived while I was on the phone. None of the drivers nor the cashier could tell me who to talk to about getting compensation or a refund, although the cashier gave me free day out of the 8 that I was parked there. I will never use them again, not worth the chance of drawing a short straw when you're tired and just want to get home.
05/24/2019Dale - LA
Wish there were more vans so pickups are faster and a loyalty program for those of who park there all the time!
05/13/2019Susan W.
Our driver taking us back to pick up our car at the parking garage, was the nicest, friendliest driver, ever. She was so pleasant and I told her so. Some times, a job is a job but she went out of her way to "welcome" us home. Lovely woman!! And - she had to work on Mother's Day!!
05/12/2019John C. - Camarillo, CA
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