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SUV $1 up-charge. Very slow check in, so take extra time. Had much better experience with other facilities.
12/30/2022Raffa - Agoura
When we checked in they told me my Subaru cross trek was considered a large car and was up charged $1 a day. They were very matter a fact about everything and I witnessed other customers being upcharged as well. I felt like they were very thuggish to me and everyone. On another note, the drivers were very easy going and made us feel welcomed.
12/14/2022Honest Reviewer
Excellent outstanding service
12/13/2022Samuel Raynier Bautista
My car was dirty I dont think it was parked in the garage the whole time.
12/13/2022rg - LA
Good facility and good prices. I have used numerous times.
12/13/2022Gary Wynings
Great experience and very reasonable. Definitely will park here the next time.
11/16/2022David G Eichler - Bakersfield
Excellent service even when I made a freakingout phone call to you because I couldn't find the 'purple sign' at LAX to get picked up! Both drivers were very professional and courteous. I was especially impressed with one who spoke to us about what happened in Paris we didn't know and was very kind. Will definitely use FOX again!
11/15/2022MS. KRISS A MARLIN - La Mirada, California
I travel a lot and parked at many different places, and I can tell you there's no better place to park then here. I will use them everytime I fly, and would recommend them to everyone.
11/14/2022Daniel Licciardi
I've used this lot a few times and it is perfectly fine as long as you're not in a hurry. When going to the airport make sure to arrive early enough so you don't feel squeezed getting in. And when you get back, if you have nowhere to be then this lot is great. I needed to get to work straight from my arrival and the time waiting for a shuttle and then my car was an hour. It was pretty frustrating. They give you a number to text, but it does nothing and when I asked about it the guy working the desk ignored me.
09/22/2022Sarah B
There is a chip in my windshield from the outdoor valet at Fox. It is not normal wear and tear to park your car for 5 days and return to damaged windshield. I usually don't trust reviews since everyone has different experiences but it's not worth the damage to your car to go to Fox.Customer service employees and shuttles were not impressive.
09/07/2022Kristin - Los Angeles
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