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First time I used this parking facility, and I was very impressed with the service.
12/20/2019Thomas V. Runco
It was effortless and easy to get to and from the airport. The staff was friendly and helpful. And, the best part was that our car was already ready for us, with the engine on and the heat cranking! That's the cherry on the Sunday! I would definitely recommend.
12/14/2019Carolyn B. - Philadelphia, PA
Couldn't have been more satisfied. You guys rock!
12/13/2019Nicole Eggear
Service was friendly, efficient and fast. Will use it again.
12/04/2019Arieh A. U.
Difficult to find location without GPS.
11/22/2019Leslie Luka - Stroudsburg, Pa
Fast, professional check in...shuttle was available immediately...staff was friendly and helpful. I will definitely use this parking facility again. Also, the price was awesome. It's so nice to go on vacation and not worry about your vehicle.

My only suggestion would be to get the shocks on the shuttles looked at. We felt every bump to the max on our way to the airport. Perhaps it's time for new parts.
11/06/2019Michele S. - Harrison, NY
Great and convenient. Nice and competent service. Fast drop off and pick up time.
Really great experience!
08/31/2019Justina Orzechowski - NJ
Fast, cheap and reliable.
08/26/2019Trish N
Short wait times, shuttle dispatched right away and arrived quickly, my car was parked at the exit on pick up, quick check out, free cup of water on request.
08/26/2019Tim D. - New Jersey
Quick in, quick out. I don't think I ever had a more efficient parking/shuttle experience.
07/14/2019John S. - Collegeville, PA
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