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We love QuikPark LAX Valet! Service is quick and staff is extremely friendly and helpful.
12/21/2019SARA L - Los Angeles
LAX can be a nightmare. Using QuikPark shuttle service made my experience at LAX a lot easier and hassle free. I will do business with this company again.
12/16/2019MintyFresh - Riverside, CA
Nice place, will use again. Fast service - everything's on time.
12/16/2019Juan L Gonzalez
I have used this parking lot before and have had a good experience. But I was very impressed with my most current use of the lot. My flight was diverted to Ontario airport - which I live closer to. It was very late at night so I choose to go home instead of go pick up my car at LAX. I picked up my car the next day - over 12 hours from when I said I would pick it up. And I was NOT charged anything else for the additional time. I will definitely use this lot in the future.
12/15/2019Victoria A. Martinet - Vicki M.
Always get the Valet parking - it saves you so much time and your car is always waiting when you return.
11/16/2019Susan J Richards
The driver drove like a mad man from the airport and reinjured my neck. It took me 24 hours to recover.
11/16/2019Tristan - Los Angeles
Shuttle was there when I dropped off my car. On my return, the shuttle was quick to arrive. I did valet and my car was there and ready to go as soon as I got off the shuttle. Everyone was very friendly. I will definitely park here again!!
11/14/2019Stacy Hall
This was the second time I had parked here and I forgot where I was suppose to stand for pick up. The driver that dropped me off did NOT tell me but the one that picked me up was nice enough to wait when I flagged him down on my return. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to all my friends.
11/14/2019Linda A Miller - Chino Hills, CA
WOW... i am super impressed with their service.

Let me start off with drop off. You drive to their parking facility, get a ticket on your way in. No need to pay, just park your car and hop into a shuttle to your terminal. For those that complaint about longer than usual wait time, if your flight is between normal business hours of 7am-10pm, i think you should be fine with 10-15min wait time.

Upon return, my wait for their shuttle at the rental car area. I waited about 5 min and saw one of their shuttles. Hop on, back to the facility, head over to customer service, show them my print out and ticket. They gave me another ticket with validation and my original ticket and marked #1 and #2. Go back to your car, head down to exit and insert #1, then #2, and DONE. That way easy and care free. love it.

Their facility is well lit, much better than the airport parking structure. I have not parked in other facility before, but i would definitely come back to them if i ever need to use airport parking again.

highly recommend!!!
09/18/2019Ken Ch. - Brea, CA
I always park here when available. I have tried others along the same road and this is by far the more efficient parking structure and the cost is great too.
09/16/2019Anonymous - Los Angeles
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