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We love QuikPark LAX Valet! Service is quick and staff is extremely friendly and helpful.
12/21/2022SARA L - Los Angeles
Really good services looking forward for the future!
12/17/2022Yvette Rodriguez
Nice place, will use again. Fast service - everything's on time.
12/16/2022Juan L Gonzalez
LAX can be a nightmare. Using QuikPark shuttle service made my experience at LAX a lot easier and hassle free. I will do business with this company again.
12/16/2022MintyFresh - Riverside, CA
I have used this parking lot before and have had a good experience. But I was very impressed with my most current use of the lot. My flight was diverted to Ontario airport - which I live closer to. It was very late at night so I choose to go home instead of go pick up my car at LAX. I picked up my car the next day - over 12 hours from when I said I would pick it up. And I was NOT charged anything else for the additional time. I will definitely use this lot in the future.
12/15/2022Victoria A. Martinet - Vicki M.
my go to spot for parking. don't change a thing!
12/11/2023V L CHristianson - los angeles
First time users flawless experience.
12/10/2022Anne Rochet - Canada
Always get the Valet parking it saves you so much time and your car is always waiting when you return.
11/16/2022Susan J Richards
The driver drove like a mad man from the airport and reinjured my neck. It took me 24 hours to recover.
11/16/2022Tristan - Los Angeles
Shuttle was there when I dropped off my car. On my return the shuttle was quick to arrive. I did valet and my car was there and ready to go as soon as I got off the shuttle. Everyone was very friendly. I will definitely park here again!!
11/14/2022Stacy Hall
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