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Overall a great deal. The only issue was we had to wait 45 min to get my car back.
12/19/2022Paul Luciano - Orlando
Shuttle takes too long both ways. Otherwise you do a great job.
12/08/2022Stephen Schmidt
Was not aware that I had to stop at the office. You site says self park. That is what I was doing. Since I self parked, I was not aware that I needed to leave my keys. The person that checked me in, said they would bring my car upon returning. This did not happen since I self parked.

Had to call the phone number 3 times. It was very garbled when I called after getting my luggage. I just missed the shuttle. Upon the ride back I noticed my driver pulled into 34. If the shuttle before would have done that I would have been able to ride on that one.

Upon returning to the office, waited in a line.
11/16/2022Elaine Sams
Nice drivers nice transportation just need a golf cart to pick up people after parking there car to carry up to door.
11/16/2022Judy Forbes
Was very disappointed. Scanner did not work upon entry or exit. No help when arriving. Since this was the first time at OMNI we did not know the process and it was not user friendly. Upon our return we were blocked in our parking space and had to move vehicle in order to get out. Scanner at exit was not working. Probably will not use this facility again.
09/11/2023Patricia Rowland
Wait time was the biggest complaint. It's a parking lot. All I need is a secure spot to park. Clean is not a concern, just safe.

The biggest issue was the wait time. We waited maybe 20 minutes at drop off, which seemed ok. Pick up was a long wait. We were told to text when we landed and our vehicle would be ready. We landed, I texted. We waited outside at least 35 minutes at the airport. This was after we picked up bags and were ready to go. I called and waited on hold for the last 15 minutes and never reached a person, just on hold music.

When we got to the lot our vehicle was not ready, we waited another 10 minutes or more. 10 minutes wasn't bad, but we were expecting the vehicle to be ready as stated. We waited a total of 45 minutes or longer not including drive time, just wait time.
Wasn't able to get a hold of anyone when I landed at nearly midnight.
08/30/2022Giselle Cardona
Check in process was annoying and took longer than it should have, but other than that this place was great. Clean, close to airport, everything I needed. Plus, free coffee.
08/29/2022Kristy - Pensacola
Booked for self park, yet when I arrived I was told policy changed. You make us feel that your company is not responsible for loss yet you force us to hand over the keys.
08/28/2022Navnit Hari
Shuttle left within 5 min of arrival at each end of the trip. That is very good. Will use again if rate stays the same.
08/28/2022J. Szymanski
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