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Overall a great deal. The only issue was we had to wait 45 min to get my car back.
12/19/2021Paul Luciano - Orlando
Shuttle takes too long both ways. Otherwise, you do a great job.
12/08/2021Stephen Schmidt
Was not aware that I had to stop at the office. You site says self park. That is what I was doing. Since I self parked, I was not aware that I needed to leave my keys. The person that checked me in, said they would bring my car upon returning. This did not happen since I self parked.

Had to call the phone number 3 times. It was very garbled when I called after getting my luggage. I just missed the shuttle. Upon the ride back I noticed my driver pulled into 34. If the shuttle before would have done that I would have been able to ride on that one.

Upon returning to the office, waited in a line.
11/16/2021Elaine Sams
Nice drivers, nice transportation, just need a golf cart to pick up people after parking there car to carry up to door.
11/16/2021Judy Forbes
Wait time was the biggest complaint. It's a parking lot. All I need is a secure spot to park. Clean is not a concern, just safe.

The biggest issue was the wait time. We waited maybe 20 minutes at drop off, which seemed ok. Pick up was a long wait. We were told to text when we landed and our vehicle would be ready. We landed, I texted. We waited outside at least 35 minutes at the airport. This was after we picked up bags and were ready to go. I called and waited on hold for the last 15 minutes and never reached a person, just on hold music.

When we got to the lot our vehicle was not ready, we waited another 10 minutes or more. 10 minutes wasn't bad, but we were expecting the vehicle to be ready as stated. We waited a total of 45 minutes or longer not including drive time, just wait time.
Wasn't able to get a hold of anyone when I landed at nearly midnight.
08/30/2021Giselle Cardona
Check in process was annoying and took longer than it should have, but other than that this place was great. Clean, close to airport, everything I needed. Plus, free coffee.
08/29/2021Kristy - Pensacola
Shuttle left within 5 min of arrival at each end of the trip. That is very good. Will use again if rate stays the same.
08/28/2021J. Szymanski
Booked for self park, yet when I arrived I was told policy changed. You make us feel that your company is not responsible for loss yet you force us to hand over the keys.
08/28/2021Navnit Hari
Great price, decent location. Service guys at the facility and on the shuttle were courteous and professional.

The end of the experience was one of worst experiences in terms of guaranteed service and discourteous lack of resolution. My wife, eleven month old son, and I arrived back into town after 11:00pm. The instructions from Omni are to call their 888 number when arriving between 11p-7a. We called no fewer than five times, each time sitting and listening to hold music for about five minutes before hanging up and calling again. For a good portion of this time, we even stood out by the designated areas where the shuttles performed their pickups. After 25-30 minutes of no answer on the phone and seeing no Omni shuttles, we opted for taking a Lyft to their facility. Ironically, I tried calling one more time as the Lyft driver pulled away from the airport and someone actually answered. They mentioned they "had been having trouble with their phone system" that evening and were sorry to hear about our experience. They even mentioned to hold onto our Lyft invoice.

Upon arrival at the Omni airport facility, I asked for a manager. I was told there was no manager around at that hour and to call back the following day. I called the next morning and was told no manager would be around until after 3:00p. I called around 5:30p. I was initially told again, no manager was around, and I asked when I should expect to be able to reach a manager. The associate who answered asked for the details of the situation and, tenuously, took notes and then told me there was likely nothing that could be done for me. I explained that I simply wanted to be reimbursed, $15, for the Lyft ride and that if that couldn't happen I would happily get online and trash her company (like I am doing here and now). She had me hold.

Here's where it starts to get good, low and a behold a "customer service manager" hops on the line. He took a nice tone, but pretty much said all the wrong things:

"I understand what you've been saying to the previous representative, and I can't falsify what you're claiming."

I think I knew what he meant there, but was scratching my head as to why he would, from the outset, want to do that to me.

"We need to work together to find a fair solution for both sides and that will also make you feel valued."


"No sir, that is incorrect, the customer is NOT always right. That is false."

He mentioned he "could give me the $15 dollars" but that "he is not an ATM and I'd still probably get online and write a bad review anyways."

I assured I would not. He said I was "probably all talk."

Another gem, "parking spots are money, the shuttle service is just something we provide as a free service."

I was sure to tell him pretty much every serious competitor of his provides the same services, inclusive. Also, he already had my $20 for my car taking up a spot. As if it takes a business savant to realize how these companies profit.

BTW, this "manager's" name is Frank. If you call, and you happen to actually get through to him, just know that you're in for a lecture and being made to feel like an idiot. Certainly not fair, and equitable resolution.

Do yourself a favor though, save yourself from ever having to speak with Frank. Drive your car, as fast as legally possible, to ANY other parking service.
07/25/2021John Tiemeyer - Davenport, FL
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