Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport Parking

9800 South Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045


Parking Lot Overview

One of the largest off-site airport parking facilities servicing Los Angeles International Airport.

Our focus has remained and will continue to be on customer satisfaction. Our view on providing parking services is more than just distributing tickets, parking cars, and collecting revenues - we feel that providing parking services not only requires a great degree of courtesy and strong customer relations, but also, affordable prices, comfortability, convenience and security for you and your vehicle.

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (8/10)

Overall, the service provided by the airport parking was convenient. Users found the shuttle service prompt and efficient, although some had difficulty finding the parking facility due to a fallen sign.

Customer Service (9/10)

The staff at the parking facility were friendly, courteous, and prompt. They provided clear instructions for pick-up and drop-off and were helpful at the front desk. However, the shuttle drivers were described as awkward by some customers.

Cleanliness (6/10)

There were mixed reviews regarding cleanliness. While some customers found their cars to be dirty or covered in dust upon return, others did not have any cleanliness issues. A few customers mentioned the presence of bird droppings on their cars.

Location (7/10)

Some customers found the location of the parking facility to be difficult to find or access. However, employees were described as helpful in assisting customers in finding the place.

Price (9/10)

The pricing offered by the parking service was highly appreciated by customers. Many found the rates to be competitive and reasonable.

Security (8/10)

Overall, customers felt that their vehicles were secure at the parking facility. However, a few customers expressed concerns about leaving their keys with the service.

Efficiency (9/10)

The parking service was praised for its efficiency. Customers reported quick pick-up and drop-off times, with shuttle services running every 15 minutes.

Facility (7/10)

Opinions about the facility were mixed. Some customers found it to be well-maintained, while others described it as shabby and poorly maintained. The bathroom was also mentioned as being dated and dirty.

Valet Service (8/10)

The valet service provided by the parking facility received positive feedback. Customers appreciated the promptness of the service and the readiness of their cars upon return. However, a few customers experienced issues with their car being parked outdoors instead of indoors.

Overall Experience (7/10)

The overall experience with the airport parking service was varied. While some customers had positive experiences with fast and friendly service, others were disappointed with cleanliness issues, shuttle wait times, and location difficulties. Until these issues are addressed and an apology is received, some customers have expressed their intention to never use the service again.


  • "Good facility"

    Jose Paler

  • "Definitely a VIP experience. My car was waiting, washed and ready to go as the shuttle pulled in. Thank you! My only recommendation is putting a sign at the entrance or the building to identify the location."

    Abel - LA

  • "I would definitely use this facility again at the rate offered by"


  • "Fast friendly service, would recommend to everyone."

    Omar Salgado

  • "Great experience although got my car was a little dirty from sitting outside one day, but nothing a car wash can't handle!!!"

    Carlos Pabon

  • "The facility is poorly maintained, does not have professional appearance, is shabby. The bathroom is dated, dirty and no supplies... i didn't like the idea to leave my key. i won't use this parking space in the future..."

    William Jacobs Jr

  • "I loved that the facility, it's close to the airport and that they run the shuttle every 15 minutes. Also when you return from your trip, you call them and they give you instructions on the pick-up location."

    Debra D Hoffman

  • "Very impressed with customer service. Staff was nice courteous and prompt. Shuttle took me to the airport within 10 minutes and pick me up when I got back within 10 minutes and the car was waiting for me outside. I would definitely go back to this place again."


  • "The shuttle drivers were awkward, but the personnel at the place were so professional and nice and I had no wait time to check in or out and my car was ready to go. I waited 15 minutes for the shuttle because 2 vans were full but it's okay. They had all my paperwork ready when I got back to pick up my car."

    Jessica M Urias

  • "Highly recommend, the guys are friendly, fast service, and the shuttle service was easy and quick on the drop of and pick up, thank you!"


  • "Avoid this place!!! Paid for indoor valet parking because we have two babies and wanted to make the trip home as easy as possible. Turns out they lied and parked the car in an outdoor lot and left the door open, leaving lights on in the car enough to kill the battery. The only way I figured out they parked the car outside is because I walked over to where I could see them going back and forth to. All they could say was "it was an accident" and "take it easy" while our two kids were exhausted and crying to go home. They did refund about half the cost, but had they not killed the battery they would have gotten away with lying and overcharging us. Dishonest!!!"

    Mitch T

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