June Hotel Parking

Parking Lot Overview

The Hotel June near LAX is a boutique hotel that offers friendly and attentive airport parking services. Travelers who want a “park and fly” option can escape LA traffic and relax before or after their trip. We’re pleased to partner with this hidden gem in the West LA/Westchester neighborhood just one mile north of the LAX Airport. The location is easily accessible, just off of Lincoln Blvd. Upon arrival, airport parking reservation customers can drop their car off with the Valet where it will then be moved to a secure parking space.

Getting To and From the Airport

Shuttle service is currently not available but LAX is only 5 minutes away and easily accessible via Uber or Lyft. The hotel and valet staff is known for being helpful and can answer any questions you might have about coordinating transportation to and from the airport.

The hotel is open 24 hours, therefore, your vehicle will be accessible upon your return, no matter the hour.

Parking Lot Amenities

  • Outdoor Parking
  • Self Parking

Parking Options

  • Outdoor Valet

Customer Reviews Summary

Wait Time for Pickup (6/10)

The wait time for pickup was an entire hour after the flight had landed, which is considered unacceptable.

Travel Time to Airport (8/10)

Most users found the travel time to LAX to be great and convenient.

Service Quality (7/10)

Some users experienced poor service quality, including having to call multiple times and being disappointed with the luxury van.

Staff Friendliness (9/10)

The staff was friendly and accommodating, providing helpful service.

Cleanliness of Vans (6/10)

The Mercedes vans were described as nice but a little dirty and run down, with a smell of travel "funk".

Personnel Efficiency (4/10)

Some users felt that the personnel was friendly but very busy, leading to slow service.

Overall Experience (7.5/10)

The overall experience was favorable, but there were some areas for improvement such as driver courtesy, shuttle wait time, and service quality.


  • "Great service! Friendly staff!"

    Maria E. N. - Ontario, California

  • "No shuttle but the lot and team were fast convenient and located in an easy spot. Will use again and either take a bird scooter close to LAX or Uber ha."


  • "Fast, efficient option for airport parking with excellent service. Will use again and again."

    Steve - Redlands

  • "I've used Custom Hotel for my parking twice already this year, soon to be third. Everyone is friendly I've come across, and the travel time to LAX is great."

    Jessica M Legrair

  • "I couldn't ask for a more reliable service. The moment I arrived, the Custom Hotel staff were attentive and resourceful. I like how it is an all valet service as compared to the other services out there. The Mercedes vans were nice, but a little dirty and run down. The smell in the vans were of that travel "funk" you would smell on a 14 hour flight."


  • "Very good service. Would make reservation in the future."

    Son Nguyen

  • "Everybody was especially courteous, kind and helpful. In fact, the shuttle picking me up at the airport and taking me back to my car was shockingly fast. I telephoned, and barely two minutes later, the shuttle appeared. My only problem was the height of the vans. I am short. The driver had no step-stool for me to use to get into the van. The driver didn't stand by me and/or offer a hand or steadying arm. I almost fell. (Not Good.) Of course, when I reached Custom Hotel and told the manager that there really should be stair-like aids in each and every van, he said, "But there are!" He checked the van--and realized someone must have used it at the airport and left it there, forgotten. Therefore, I urge CheapAirportParking to TELL THE DRIVERS TO CHECK THAT THEY HAVE A STEP-STOOL before they begin their pick-ups and drop-offs. It is more than a mere nicety--it's a necessity."

    Diane S. - Los Angeles

  • "Excellent service and attentive care of my vehicle. Very convenient having my car waiting for me when I returned."

    Paul S.

  • "All went well although my car was a dirty mess after 2 weeks away. Guess it's the LA smog but it was extremely dirty when I picked it up."

    David R A

  • "Overall a favorable experience. Check in and drop off was easy. Wait time at baggage return pickup was longer though. Traveling back on a Friday evening to LAX was very crowded and the number of people waiting for the Custom Hotel van exceeded the seating capacities. Probably running a third shuttle that evening would of been advisable. Car was up front and ready when we did finally arrive which was most welcome."

    CZ - Santa Maria, CA

  • "Unfortunately this parking experience falls very short of my expectations. While the location was perfect, the rate was spot on, the staff and parking attendant at the location was wonderful, the issue is with the Shuttle. Number one, I was told the shuttle van would pick every 30 minutes. This did not happen. They said it would be 45-60 minutes before the shuttle would arrive. I took a Taxi. Then, when I arrive after my 16 hour International flight, I called the numbers I was provided and they numbers did not work or were transferred voicemail... I must have called at leas 10 times. I gave up and took a Taxi. My taxi charges amounted to $30 dollars, which isn't astronomical, but that's not the point. The shuttle service failed me. No once......but twice....."

    Kele R Leistritz - Orange County

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