Joe's Airport Parking

Parking Lot Overview

- 1/2 block from airport
- Safe, Secure and Convenient
- Complimentary luggage assistance
- 24 hour dedicated service staff

Parking Options

  • Indoor Self

Parking Lot Plan

Joe's Airport Parking Plan

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (9/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Shuttle Service (8/10)

The shuttles were generally on time and the drivers were helpful, although there were a few instances of longer wait times and unhelpful drivers.

Customer Service (7/10)

The majority of customers had positive experiences with the staff, finding them professional and courteous. However, there were a few instances where customers encountered rude or unhelpful employees.

Location (9/10)

The location of the parking facility was highly praised, being close to the airport and easy to access.

Price (8/10)

Most customers found the prices to be reasonable, especially when compared to other parking options at the airport. However, there were a few complaints about unexpected charges or higher rates.

Facilities (7/10)

The parking structure was generally functional, but there were some issues with overcrowding and maintenance, such as broken elevators and lack of clear signage.

Overall Experience (8.5/10)

The majority of customers had positive experiences with Joe's Airport Parking, with quick shuttle service, convenient location, and reasonable prices. However, there were a few negative experiences with longer wait times and unhelpful staff.


  • "Staff needs more training on how to treat their customers."

    Vivian Missiha

  • "En route to the Airport, the driver packed additional 8 people standing in the aisle with bags slamming into my legs on turns. The shuttle took 15 minutes to show up and then 25 minutes to get to the airport, which i could have walked to in 5 minutes. When i was waiting to be picked up, the shuttle took 15 minutes, and when I called to complain, the woman tried to tell me i was wrong and that they say 10-20 minutes wait. I will not ever be using Joe's again."


  • "New offices under construction... parking structure is fine... elevators need to be renovated."

    Gordo - Orange County

  • "Easy to park. We prepaid for our parking so you just scan a barcode to enter and exit. Minimal wait for the shuttle to the airport. On return we caught the shuttle just as it pulled up. Definitely will park there again."

    Lisa M - Los Angeles

  • "Wait time for shuttle when going to terminal was nothing and the driver was very helpful with the luggage. The wait time however to be picked up, upon my return was 20 minutes. I did see multiple vans from where I almost made a reservation continue to go by and was thinking, I could be at my car by now. The driver for the pickup wasn not as helpful wit the luggage. Also, the light by the elevator when I got out on the 5th floor was out which didn't give me the safest feeling. Overall, I liked the service would consider parking here again."

    Meghan K Herndon - Paychex

  • "Easy to get to, quick to check in. On return, text got response in less than 2 minutes, driver picked us up in 5 and we were back to our car in 10 minutes. Great service, would use again."

    Catherine - Escondido

  • "I waited longer to get my car then it took for me to fly from Las Vegas to LAX. There appeared to be only one shuttle running at 9:00 in the evening and it was being run by a woman who was not friendly or helpful. I called the office 4 times in the 45 minutes that I waited and was told each time that a driver was on the way. When the driver finally got to me she opened the door and scowled. No offer to help.I watched 10 Parking Spot buses come and go in the first 10 minutes that I was waiting for your bus. I couldn't believe the service was so bad."

    Frankie Beth Sexton

  • "They said I did things right for reservations and the lower rate worked well. The web rate is lower than the posted rate. I will park here next time."

    Douglas V.

  • "Need to have signage on the walk side as well as the street. We had a very hard time finding where to go to pick up the shuttle."

    Leslie Badin Jr

  • "This was a very simple and safe experience and we will certainly use this service and location the next time we travel."

    Greg Salvesen

  • "I was an hour later than reserved due to a flight delay, they charged me a full extra day rate. My other parking experiences at other lots don't result in a full day charge by missing my reservation time by a short amount. They actually said I had to be out by 3:46 pm to not incur an extra day charge, pretty bad to hold to the minute when air travel is concerned. Kind of a rip off."


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