Mega Airport Parking


  • "Very happy, will park at Mega again."


  • "First of all my parking experience at this facility is the worst ever in my experience at parking at the airport. #1 this is not self parking. They park car and you leave key with them for the duration of your trip. #2 Only 2 shuttle buses running. Have to call for pick up, took 30 min for them to come and pickme up from airport courtesy shuttle pick up area. #3 Arrived at parking lot. It took them more than an hour to find my car so i can leave. I had to make a scenne for them to expedite getting my car for me."

    Mario M Dejesus - Mario De Jesus

  • "OMG, I arrived in their parking garage at 12:30am, I had been waiting 3 hours to get my car back, when I sitted in my car it's already 3:30am. They parked all the cars randomly and also the keys, that is why they can't find where the cars are and what are the right keys. All the cars parked bumper to bumper. And some cars are already hitted the other car's bumpers. No rules at all. If you choose them, you take all the risks. Welcome to Mega Airpot Parking. Enjoy!"

    Richard - Los Angeles

  • "Wait time for pickup after landing was extraneous. Van was unkempt. Driver was non-interactive. It was cheap. Now I know the reason."

  • "They lied to us about shuttle - waited over 40 mins - they kept stating that the shuttle was one minute away. Will never park there again. And the drivers drove like maniacs to make the parking lot - farthest away from LAX we've ever been not seem so far. UGH!"

  • "Good people good price.. will use again."

    Ricardo Saria

  • "Absolutely awful. I've parked at many LAX lots (405, 105, Wally Park, Fox, Quikpark, Parkingspot, etc) over the years. This one was by far the worst. It's super far from the airport, they seem to have only one dingy old van which smells like body odor, and the wait was atrocious. I've waited up to 30 minutes before at other budget lots which is annoying, but at Mega Airport Parking it was an hour and fifteen minutes which is totally unacceptable. I will never park here again and I'd highly recommend you don't either."

    Evan - Pasadena

  • "Convenient and the price was great!!!"


  • "Excellent Service as they came and picked me up so fast and efficiently. Very impressive how they managed the entire process of taking you to and picking you up from the airport. Recommend them for the cost and customer service for sure. A+++"

    Anthony Tafoya

  • "I will be posting this on any possible review site my experience from drop off to pick up of my car. I arrived on a Sunday morning around 7am to only find an empty parking lot with cars crammed in every corner and not one person to be found. I had to go looking for the guy in a office that was closed and the lights were out inside. I finally got my car parking paid for and was taken to the airport. It's about 15-20 mins away from LAX, so take that into consideration when you plan to arrive. The drop off of my car wasn't as bad as when I arrived back from my trip. I called as requested per a card that the guy hands you, to only be met with a guy in a small van and already have three people in a 10 passenger bus including the driver. We continued to two other stops to only arrive at the third stop and find a family of 4, and a couple waiting to board. At that time we only had 3 seats available, and yet the driver crammed everyone into the van making people sit on laps. Making it a very uncomfortable, and illegal drive back to the parking lot. We finally arrived at the parking lot to only find the guy in the office to not have any of his paperwork updated, and giving every customer attitude cause he couldn't find there name on a list of paper. The process took forever, and his attitude towards the customer was disgusting. He kept telling people to move aside and ask for the other person in line when not even resolving that persons problem in locating there car. Finally I got the keys to my car and wasn't offered to bring it up for easy access and loading of my luggage. Instead I am just pointed towards the direction of my car. I locate my car and leave since I couldn't deal with this and it was already 1am on a Monday morning. I see the following morning that the rear of my bumper is damaged due to the way they back cars on top of cars in this parking lot. I had scratches and licenses plate indents in my car. So it's obvious that they just back the cars into each other with no regard or care for the persons property. I called them to make them aware to only be told that he wasn't going to do anything and that I needed to call it out to him while I was on the lot. Overall I highly do NOT recommend this place. I tried to save money by finding the cheapest place and now ended up regretting and getting what I paid for with a bad experience that will forever mess with my incredible vacation. And the damage to my car that I am now going to have to pay out of my pocket to repair. So I would recommend if you could to just find another parking lot that you may have to pay a little more, but your car will be in much better hands than it would he here. TERRIBLE OVERALL!"

    Roberto C.

  • "Won't park here again - they only run one shuttle van which is dirty, dented, and pretty cheesy looking, so if you miss it (like we did), you have to wait 40 minutes for the next pickup from the airport (like we did). The van driver (a young lady) texted while driving, didn't wear a seat belt, played her ghetto music in the van, and nearly side-swiped two separate cars when speeding down Sepulveda. It was a wild ride. The parking lot was packed with cars, but when we arrived back at the lot, they had pulled it out and it was waiting for us (as she had texted our confirmation number before our arrival). They also have signs posted everywhere that parking is $7/day, but they made us pay $8 per day, which still isn't a bad price. It just came across as a little dishonest. Next time I'll pay a little more to use a company that is a little more classy."

    Heather D. - Simi Valley

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