Easy Park LAX

Easy Park LAX
Los Angeles International Airport

6101 West 98th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90045



Easy Park LAX (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 1.8 miles
Type of parking: Outdoor Self
Clearance: no restrictions

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: No

Self parking just 2 blocks from LAX Airport behind the Sheraton hotel with direct Access from Century Blvd. Well lit and 24/7 attended parking lots with security gates. Free continuous shuttle service 24/7 on big modern shuttle buses with “LAX Easy Park” logo on each. Luggage assistance is complimentary.

Additional services:
Car wash and detail are available upon request (at the front drive of the Sheraton Hotel).

Additional information:

To arrange shuttle pick up when you are back from your trip call Easy Park LAX or simply go to the shuttle pick up location (in front of each of the terminals) and shuttles will be along shortly to take you back to Easy Park LAX.

Alternative Shuttles: Sheraton Hotel is within walking distance and offers free shuttle transportation to and from airport terminals as well.


  • "Great service, I will use it again and recommended to anybody."

    Noe F.

  • "I've been using this parking lot for years. It seems to always be changing. They took out the tellers and now it just a pay stall. You always have to wait a long time with this company. They also pick up for the Sheraton and what that means to the consumer is that they pick up the flight attendants and crew and so they are generally full and will pass you by to take care of them first. I found a great deal through cheap airport parking so I was happy but my plans had changes and there was no way to modify through this website so I called easy park directly spoke with a nice lady and said its no problem they would honor the same price just to tell them when I'm leaving.... Well, guess what the day it came to leave I did just that pushed the call button and the rep said she couldn't honor it. As I'm trying to explain a car behind me start honking and screaming at us and the car next to us to hurry up really,!!! That man behind us went crazy we feared for our lives and what was worse as I'm trying to tell the rep on the call button to forget it and charge me she can't hear me because it was a one way Wilkie talkie speaker and she just kept talking and talking. No I didn't feel safe and they need to figure out a better system because it does take forever to exit with the prepaid system. Needs security around the exit."

    W. Payne - Orange County

  • "We had a long wait time for the pickup from the airport, 25 minutes. Add that to the stop at every terminal and traffic and it added almost an 50 minutes to our trip. We saw competitor parking areas with several shuttles in the time we waited for our pickup. I will try those next time."

    Nancy - California

  • "Everyone's super friendly and it's either a 20min walk or a 10 minute suttle ride which they have going through the lot often. Had a plane land at 9, I was on the shuttle for 9:30, got out of the lot and to venice before 10."

    Nicholas Sanchez

  • "This place is great. Close to LAX. Quick shuttles. Great rates. No complaints. I hate LA, but if I ever fly out of LAX again, I will use this place."

    Matthew V - San Diego

  • "For a first timer on these type of services I was satisfied with the entire process. The drivers were friendly, The staff processing my payment very helpful and patient. I definitely would consider using their services again."


  • "Prepaid parking reservation can take time. I have to wait for the operator, give my confirmation, parking ticket, and name. If we disconnect, I have to wait for the next operator and try again. During my previous visit it took 3 people to process my final payment."

    Ruben E.

  • "Everything is great, except for the wait time. Had to wait about 30 mins to finally get picked up from shuttle from airport to my car after a very long flight. Nonetheless, I would use Easy Park LAX again."


  • "Loved parking here. Everyone I came in contact with was very sincere. The shuttle driver went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly for me."

    Becky R. - Long Beach, CA

  • "Parking was easy! Shuttle was fast to and from airport. Will use this park and ride again!"

    Michael W. - Los Angeles, CA

  • "No issues, parked and shuttle picked us up promptly. Return wait for shuttle was about 15 minutes, which was not bad at all. Would park again."

    Edward R. - Los Angeles

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