The Park at LAX

Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport Parking

9800 South Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045


Parking Lot Overview

Brand new Indoor/Outdoor parking facility. Clean, well-lit, and professionally maintained, The park at LAX provides a first-class parking environment for your vehicle. Open 24/7, so there's no waiting, we offer both indoor and outdoor pricing options.

Outdoor Parking: Please add $1.00 per day for SUVs, Trucks and Vans.


  • "Will definitely use The Park at LAX again."

    Mlissa Manzella - Bakersfield, CA

  • "When I dropped off my car, things were fine. It's when I came back. When I called the guy at the base, he told me to walk with traffic to the next Hotel/Courtesy Pickup spot, which was quite a walk for me and my girlfriend. Turns out there was a spot pretty close to us if we walked the other way. Then we waited a half an hour for pickup. The driver was told to go to the other spot and he was waiting as well. The guy at base needs to get his stuff together."

    G. T.

  • "The location is not too far from the airport and the rates were very reasonable. When I returned my car was ready and waiting. The shuttle driver was quick and efficient with loading the luggage in the back and interior was warm compared to the cool 50 degrees outside. I returned 2 days before original return date and the total was adjusted without any fuss - much appreciated at 5:30 in the morning after a redeye. The only hiccup in service was the delay in the shuttle. I was waiting for my luggage when I called and was asked if i was already under the red hotel sign since it only takes 5 minutes for the shuttle to get there. Got my luggage within about 10 minutes, went to the sign and called again. It took 25 minutes for the shuttle to arrive, and we were cold and tired."

    Alma - Lakewood, CA

  • "We've parked here several times before, and generally find it to be price-competitive, if not necessarily the absolute cheapest. Location seems to be safe enough; they have indoor parking if you want your car inside. Shuttle can be a bit hit-and-miss: you might depart for the airport in only 5 minutes, or it can be 15 or 20 (depending on when a previous van departed, etc.). For returning from the airport terminals, pickup times can be a bit trying, standing there watching the sea of vans from other services streaming by ... typically, we've been picked up within approx. 15 to 20 min. or so. This time it was immediate (!) because the van was right out front as we were about to call. It had been called previously by someone else, so it was our lucky day. This particular driver drove (IMHO) too fast on the city streets; I hope he doesn't ruin someone's travels by putting everyone in a hospital in a crash. Also, this particular van does not have an intermediate step which can extend during loading, making for a HUGE step from street level to the interior level. It's a bit of a nuisance (at the least) and a genuine impediment for anyone with any physical limitations on movement."

    PAUL - Glendale, CA

  • "I have parked in this lot before and you have been a lot of help and very friendly and always on time. I will only park here and thank you for taking care of my car and me. Would definitely recommend you."

    Morgan Gray

  • "i dont know how many shuttles you operate at the same time, but my wife and i had to wait nearly 40 mins for a shuttle. just dont tell people 15-20 mins wait time, then take 40."

    Chad Feeback

  • "I've parked at this location at least 3 times before and it's safe and secure. Family owned and very friendly atmosphere ... Has clean bathrooms, so, yes the office is well kept with TV to watch while waiting for the shuttle, which the longest I had to wait has been 5 minutes... Great service! Will always use them! Shuttle drivers are very attentive and helpful!"

    Ivette Mastronardi

  • "Great place, speedy drop off and pick up from airport. Paid for covered parking, but the car was dirty with dust appeared to have been left outside."

    Robert Hoyos

  • "I've had good experiences in the past, but this time the 45-minute wait for the shuttle to pick up at the airport soured the experience. It was the end of a holiday weekend, which exposed a problem with Park at LAX - not enough shuttles."

    Mike Shaffer - Ventura, CA

  • "Process was very easy. Drive in and park by check in office. Bring luggage and give them keys. They shuttle you to LAX. When you return call them and give them confirmation #. Only downside was waiting 25 minutes for pick up, but it wasn't any worse than other service providers. Overall, a good value, so we'd use them again."


  • "The best. I've been using various parking places over the years and finally found my "forever home" for LAX."

    Lise A Houston

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